The killer in Las Vegas loved sex escorts

A Las Vegas sex server revealed that she was regularly hired by Stephen Paddock, the man behind the massacre that killed 58 people and left more than 500 injured. The woman, who made anonymous statements, claims that Paddock enjoyed violent sexual encounters. The prostitute, who received $6,000 each time she met Paddock, described him as a paranoid and obsessive man, who liked to brag about his “bad blood” and say he was “born bad,” referring to his father, a thief on the FBI’s most wanted list, according to Univision.

Also, according to the woman, Paddock was a faithful believer in conspiracy theories and violent practices in bed. In front of the police, the woman revealed text messages from the Las Vegas killer where he told her about his fantasy of tying her up and “taking her while she screamed for help,” because he liked to pretend to be sexually abusing her. He also enjoyed Barcelona Escorts when he was on holiday.

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The best spur gear catalogs for 2017

The cylindrical straight type gears are the most usual. Generally used for speeds small and medium, because at high speeds, if they are not rectified, or corrected, they make a variable noise. There are many great options in the market, such as Kelvingear, and spur gears are an excellent choice to improve procedures.

The cylindrical gears of the toothed helical are characterized by their helical relation to the axis of rotation. The axes can be parallel or intersect, usually at 90°. The helical gears have the advantage of transmitting more power and speed than the straight, they are quieter and last longer. In terms of the drawbacks are worn more and they need more lubrication than the straight.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and his issues with taxes

The Tax Agency has already submitted to the office of the Prosecutor of Madrid, the record of the inspection to the Portuguese footballer of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo corresponding to the years 2011 to 2014 in the belief that the player committed tax offence by not taxed on a substantial portion of its gross income from the marketing of his image rights. The documentation began to be discussed yesterday at the premises of the office of the Prosecutor of economic Crimes of Madrid.

Now it is up to this latest study from the information supplied by the inspectors and decide if they also appreciate the possible existence of tax crimes and, therefore, must submit the corresponding complaint in the courts. The case will remain in the hands of the prosecutor, which already handles other similar. Consider that there is sufficient evidence of tax fraud, prosecutors must file a criminal complaint against Ronaldo before June 30 to avoid prescribing the offence corresponding to the 2011. If the Attorney assumes the criterion of the Tax Agency, Ronaldo will end up like so many other players – among them barca Leo Messi – judged and potentially found guilty of an offence against the Public Treasury.

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