The killer in Las Vegas loved sex escorts

A Las Vegas sex server revealed that she was regularly hired by Stephen Paddock, the man behind the massacre that killed 58 people and left more than 500 injured. The woman, who made anonymous statements, claims that Paddock enjoyed violent sexual encounters. The prostitute, who received $6,000 each time she met Paddock, described him as a paranoid and obsessive man, who liked to brag about his “bad blood” and say he was “born bad,” referring to his father, a thief on the FBI’s most wanted list, according to Univision.

Also, according to the woman, Paddock was a faithful believer in conspiracy theories and violent practices in bed. In front of the police, the woman revealed text messages from the Las Vegas killer where he told her about his fantasy of tying her up and “taking her while she screamed for help,” because he liked to pretend to be sexually abusing her. He also enjoyed Barcelona Escorts when he was on holiday.

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