How massages can heal body and mind

As its name suggests, tantric massage is one of the rituals taught in tantras; esoteric sacred books have become one of the forms of Hinduism. It is influenced by ancient Indian and Chinese traditions. With regard to the teachings on tantric sexuality, it constitutes a subtle loving exchange. Nowadays, it is practiced away from spas and other classic massage centers, in couples. Its strongly erotic character makes it difficult, even impossible, to find a therapist.

The tantric massage is performed totally naked (without towel or thong on the genitals). The masseur uses a hot oil. Unlike other massage techniques, there are no established standards. At the same time sensual, enveloping and energizing, the amazing erotic massage in Barcelona consists of great movements of union between all parts of the body and touch on the 7 chakras (energy points). The movements of massage, light pressure and, above all, rubbing are smooth and slow, to such an extent that it is difficult to follow them mentally. The masseur’s hands slide from the feet to the head of his companion, as if overestimating his body. The idea is to introduce into the body a shaking, a vibration that makes any thought difficult.

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