A Las Vegas sex server revealed that she was regularly hired by Stephen Paddock, the man behind the massacre that killed 58 people and left more than 500 injured. The woman, who made anonymous statements, claims that Paddock enjoyed violent sexual encounters. The prostitute, who received $6,000 each time she met Paddock, described him as a paranoid and obsessive man, who liked to brag about his “bad blood” and say he was “born bad,” referring to his father, a thief on the FBI’s most wanted list, according to Univision.

Also, according to the woman, Paddock was a faithful believer in conspiracy theories and violent practices in bed. In front of the police, the woman revealed text messages from the Las Vegas killer where he told her about his fantasy of tying her up and “taking her while she screamed for help,” because he liked to pretend to be sexually abusing her. He also enjoyed Barcelona Escorts when he was on holiday.

Sex and killings, a very American story

These revelations were made after Paddock’s own family revealed their taste for hiring prostitutes on their trips to Las Vegas, where he gambled thousands of dollars and, when he had a “winning streak,” he would take the women to the room for their violent encounters. Police suspect that he hired an escort days before the October 1 massacre, as receipts indicate that he requested room service for two people. Now, the police are on a search for the alleged sex servant who accompanied Paddock in his final hours.

U. S. officials are still trying to figure out why Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old retiree, opened fire from a Las Vegas hotel room last Sunday against thousands of people attending a country concert. However, there are some elements that researchers are currently considering and that may shed some light on the most serious shooting in U. S. history, which killed 58 people and left more than 500 injured.

The investigation goes on

In this regard, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo today unveiled new details of the investigation into the Las Vegas massacre. The most striking is that, according to Lombardo, Paddock may have had some help planning the massacre because of the large arsenal of weapons found in his Mesquite home (about 130 kilometers from the scene) and in the hotel room from which he shot. As well as the large amount of explosive materials found in his car, several kilos of ammonium nitrate, and his meticulous plan.

The US authorities have also stated that Paddock had a plan to survive the shooting and that he intended to escape, but they still do not know how he intended to escape. The shooter spent his last moments desperately shooting at police through the door of his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, according to Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.