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There are many types of massage and in each of them different techniques are used depending on the patient to be treated, some may even serve to stimulate our immune system according to documented sources. There are currently more than 50 types of massage in the world.

Relaxing massage

Typical massage to palliate and eliminate the stress of a hard day’s work. This massage is applied to the whole body, with more emphasis on the back area, as it is a part of the body that we can not touch easily and that holds all the burdens of our toughest days. It is performed in a slow way, with rhythmic movements from the upper back to the base of the neck, applying firm and uniform pressure, making long movements. It can be performed in any other part of the body, although these two parts are usually the most affected and therefore most conducive to massage.

Balsamic massage

Also called “raindrops”, this massage uses high concentration essential oils. This is aimed at generating defences in the body against viral or bacterial attacks that induce tiredness and even various strains of the spinal column such as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

Deep tissue massage

It is usually a massage that uses deeper movements than the usual massage and can generate pain for several days. It is performed with great intensity in the area to be treated. Helps to relax and eliminate toxins.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage

It comes from Polynesia. Hawaiians say that their massages have the sense and rhythm of the sea waves, which they observed to apply it. In this massage, the arm, forearm and elbow are used to massage all parts of the body, with progressive movements. Sometimes more forcefully, sometimes more gently. Its goal is to unblock the body’s energy so that it flows better and generates a feeling of pleasure and health.

Japanese Massage or Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a technique that takes advantage of the meridians and key points of acupuncture, while coordinating breathing, applied pressure and energy. For this type of massage, fingers and hands are used to generate two antagonistic situations in the body, stimulation or sedation, as appropriate at any time and patient. It therefore promotes wellness, health and healing.

Swedish massage

Its objective is the elimination of toxins and relaxation. It is the most common type of massage and includes all the basic movements of each type of massage. It is performed by applying small strokes in the direction of the bloodstream, to produce hyperthermia in the muscles and then move to deeper areas of the muscles.

Massage with volcanic stones

Hot basalt stones are used in its application. The masseur places the stones along the meridians of the body exerting pressure on them. This massage is indicated to restore harmony, relieve muscle tension and relax daily stress.

Therapeutic massage

This is the most common massage in physiotherapy clinics, so to speak. Its main objective is to address the specific cause that is causing pain or discomfort to the patient. It is used to treat different types of musculoskeletal disorders by focusing the work on a given location.