Tik Tok and Its Influence Across Various Sectors

TikTok is a social media video app that has taken the world by storm in recent years. Developed by the Chinese company ByteDance, this app has now reached hundreds of million users and about an infinite amount of clips shared on its platform each day.

TikTok has helped to increase accessibility to video content all around the world and through a various range of sectors, from fashion to sports, from politics to media, or even to some of the most innovative areas with tik tok porn video apps emerging everywhere.

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Lorette Colé Duprat – fashion designer with provocative jewelry pieces

Lorette Colé Duprat is a French artist and jewelry designer based in Paris who fuses sex appeal with a utilitarian aesthetic in each of the pieces she creates by hand in her atelier.

The first jewelry piece we saw from her, was in a partnership done with a famous french website related to adult content, in a work called Film Porno Gratuit. Watching it, instantly invaded us with sensuality and sex appeal that can transport us directly to some wild thoughts.

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Thailand reach trending topic with #SaveYouPorn

They blocked access to YouPorn and 190 porn-related URLs in Thailand and the lovers of their free porn videos don’t want to allow it; that’s why digital protests are taking place with the hashtags #SaveYouporn and #HornyPower where the Ministry of Economy and Digital Society is being demanded to explain the reasons for the porn ban in the country.

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Image of sex dolls in a stadium

FC Seoul and sex dolls!

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting everyone, it is no surprise that football didn’t escape the consequences. Play was only allowed to resume in empty stadiums, which meant that a lot of clubs had to think of creative solutions to make the stadiums feel less empty. One club took it too far apparently. FC Seoul, a top-flight South Korean side has apologized recently after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stadium stands. At first the club said they were “premium mannequins” but they admitted that the dolls were made by a company that produced sex toys.

Some of the dolls were actually holding signs advertising pornographic sites like bbw. If you did not know, porn is banned in South Korea. The supplier of the mannequins told the BBC they had apologized to FC Seoul. Yet they repeated again that the dolls were just “premium mannequins.”

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Image of the Barcelona player, Jean Clair Todibo

Barcelona FC player has tested positive for Covid-19

Barcelona FC, the football club, has confirmed that one of the nine players that were supposed to start their pre-season training has tested positive for Covid-19. This comes as no shock as the Catalan country, and Spain, in general, is seeing a sharp spike in the number of positive cases in the past few days. Luckily for Barcelona FC, these players weren’t part of the first team, which means that Barcelona was able to participate in their Champions League match against Bayern Munich in Lisbon; a match that ended 8-2 for Bayern. Furthermore, the team announced that the infected player was asymptomatic and was isolating at home, as is recommended by the health authorities.

Although the player is now in solitary confinement, all his close contacts and recent encounters have been informed about the state of the infected footballer. At first, Barcelona FC did not disclose who the infected player was, but it is believed to be the 20-year-old French defender, Jean-Clair Todibo. Due to this positive diagnosis, all the 9 players and the Barcelona’s first-team players had to do further PCR tests In the next few days to be sure that no one else was infected.

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sensual woman checking mobile

New sex-related apps on the verge to become popular

When it comes to dating and social apps, there are plenty of different alternatives nowadays. Since the boom of “Tinder”, around 2013, that specific market has increased exponentially in terms of volume and in the number of similar apps which almost all have a similar format, based on the swipe movement. But when you are looking into some alternatives, you might find that you are limited in terms of options.

However, it looks like that is changing recently, with the introduction of some correlated and niche alternatives, as for example to adult apps consumers with Swipe porn, or a sexual performance app called “Lover”. New apps are trying to engage the new Swipe generation into other formats and content.

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A new edition of the Grammy Awards

Fifteen years have passed since the last time the Grammy Awards were presented at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden Stadium, when Norah Jones won the undisputed Don’t know why song. This same stage will witness this Sunday, from 7.30 p. m. (local time), the great night of music in its 60th edition.

Hundreds of artists nominated in the 84 Grammy categories will parade through the gigantic central Manhattan pavilion in a few hours. The attention of the majority audience, however, is focused on a handful of them as the best recording of the year, the best album, the best song, the best new artist or the best performance. 2018 ceremony will run with a marked hip hop and Latin rhythm. Rapper Jay-Z grabs eight nominations with 4:44, followed by Kendrick Lamar with seven and Bruno Mars with six.

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Alcohol is a problem in Spain

Half a million young Spaniards between the ages of 14 and 18 have become muddy in the last month. More than 361,000 are minors. And the age of onset of flirting with this legal drug is reduced every year. Right now it is fixed in Spain at 13.8 years of age. In addition, 32.2% of teenagers binge drink. It is what is known as “binge drinking”. These “absolutely brutal” figures -according to the president of the Fundación de Ayuda a la Drogadicción (FAD), Ignacio Calderón- place alcohol as the preferred substance for young Spaniards.

They are copying increasingly and worryingly patterns of consumption in Anglo-Saxon countries,”Beatriz Martín, the new director general of FAD, told ABC. Yes, 710,494 young people confess to having “mugged” or compulsively consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.

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