Image of sex dolls in a stadium

FC Seoul and sex dolls!

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting everyone, it is no surprise that football didn’t escape the consequences. Play was only allowed to resume in empty stadiums, which meant that a lot of clubs had to think of creative solutions to make the stadiums feel less empty. One club took it too far apparently. FC Seoul, a top-flight South Korean side has apologized recently after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stadium stands. At first the club said they were “premium mannequins” but they admitted that the dolls were made by a company that produced sex toys.

Some of the dolls were actually holding signs advertising pornographic sites like bbw. If you did not know, porn is banned in South Korea. The supplier of the mannequins told the BBC they had apologized to FC Seoul. Yet they repeated again that the dolls were just “premium mannequins.”

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Image of the Barcelona player, Jean Clair Todibo

Barcelona FC player has tested positive for Covid-19

Barcelona FC, the football club, has confirmed that one of the nine players that were supposed to start their pre-season training has tested positive for Covid-19. This comes as no shock as the Catalan country, and Spain, in general, is seeing a sharp spike in the number of positive cases in the past few days. Luckily for Barcelona FC, these players weren’t part of the first team, which means that Barcelona was able to participate in their Champions League match against Bayern Munich in Lisbon; a match that ended 8-2 for Bayern. Furthermore, the team announced that the infected player was asymptomatic and was isolating at home, as is recommended by the health authorities.

Although the player is now in solitary confinement, all his close contacts and recent encounters have been informed about the state of the infected footballer. At first, Barcelona FC did not disclose who the infected player was, but it is believed to be the 20-year-old French defender, Jean-Clair Todibo. Due to this positive diagnosis, all the 9 players and the Barcelona’s first-team players had to do further PCR tests In the next few days to be sure that no one else was infected.

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sensual woman checking mobile

New sex-related apps on the verge to become popular

When it comes to dating and social apps, there are plenty of different alternatives nowadays. Since the boom of “Tinder”, around 2013, that specific market has increased exponentially in terms of volume and in the number of similar apps which almost all have a similar format, based on the swipe movement. But when you are looking into some alternatives, you might find that you are limited in terms of options.

However, it looks like that is changing recently, with the introduction of some correlated and niche alternatives, as for example to adult apps consumers with Swipe porn, or a sexual performance app called “Lover”. New apps are trying to engage the new Swipe generation into other formats and content.

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App Store Optimization: ¿qué es?

No solo se trata crear aplicaciones, el sentido de ello incluye el que éstas se hagan visibles para que tengan mayores oportunidades de ser descargadas y es en este punto exacto donde se hace necesario hablar sobre App Store Optimization, también conocido como ASO, el cual en el lenguaje popular es reconocido como el SEO para aplicaciones móviles.

Este método, ha tomado una gran importancia debido a que, soportado en características particulares, logra que las aplicaciones puedan superar el gran obstáculo que representa el que puedan ser encontradas en las apps stores dispuestas para ello. Aquí vale la pena considerar que ante listas cada vez más extensas y con categorías de todo tipo, resulta sumamente fácil que el proyecto termine con poco o ningún chance de ser visto y mucho menos descargado si no usas aso tools.

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Donald Trump busca unidad

Donald Trump intentará reiniciar su presidencia el martes con un discurso sobre el Estado de la Unión que pregonará la fortaleza económica y la seguridad fronteriza, pero se enfrentará a una audiencia con un número sin precedentes de mujeres y un alto grado de escepticismo.

A mitad de su mandato, tras haber sufrido un duro golpe en las elecciones parlamentarias de noviembre y tras provocar el cierre gubernamental más largo de la historia de Estados Unidos, Trump tratará de recuperar el ímpetu pidiendo al Congreso que se reúna en torno a proyectos de infraestructura y a su acuerdo comercial con Canadá y México. Él promete: “Podemos salvar viejas divisiones, curar viejas heridas, construir nuevas coaliciones, forjar nuevas soluciones”, anticipó la Casa Blanca.

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The best watches to go under water

For lovers of fashion, and accessories that give good demeanor while being a very useful tool such as clicktime watches, there is a variety of options in the market, of different sizes, shapes and infinite characteristics, after all is a world that offers possibilities for both men and women of all ages, sizes and tastes.

Among the variety of categories of watches, there is a type that attracts the attention of a select population, this type are water resistant watches, ideal for runners, swimmers, extreme adventurers, and anyone whose pace of life involves exposure to climates or environments where you can get out wet. Among these watches there are selected brands that for their quality, popularity and elegance are considered the best in the market.

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How massages can heal body and mind

As its name suggests, tantric massage is one of the rituals taught in tantras; esoteric sacred books have become one of the forms of Hinduism. It is influenced by ancient Indian and Chinese traditions. With regard to the teachings on tantric sexuality, it constitutes a subtle loving exchange. Nowadays, it is practiced away from spas and other classic massage centers, in couples. Its strongly erotic character makes it difficult, even impossible, to find a therapist.

The tantric massage is performed totally naked (without towel or thong on the genitals). The masseur uses a hot oil. Unlike other massage techniques, there are no established standards. At the same time sensual, enveloping and energizing, the amazing erotic massage in Barcelona consists of great movements of union between all parts of the body and touch on the 7 chakras (energy points). The movements of massage, light pressure and, above all, rubbing are smooth and slow, to such an extent that it is difficult to follow them mentally. The masseur’s hands slide from the feet to the head of his companion, as if overestimating his body. The idea is to introduce into the body a shaking, a vibration that makes any thought difficult.

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A new edition of the Grammy Awards

Fifteen years have passed since the last time the Grammy Awards were presented at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden Stadium, when Norah Jones won the undisputed Don’t know why song. This same stage will witness this Sunday, from 7.30 p. m. (local time), the great night of music in its 60th edition.

Hundreds of artists nominated in the 84 Grammy categories will parade through the gigantic central Manhattan pavilion in a few hours. The attention of the majority audience, however, is focused on a handful of them as the best recording of the year, the best album, the best song, the best new artist or the best performance. 2018 ceremony will run with a marked hip hop and Latin rhythm. Rapper Jay-Z grabs eight nominations with 4:44, followed by Kendrick Lamar with seven and Bruno Mars with six.

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The positive effect of massage

If you are looking for ways to find yourself better at all levels, we recommend a sex massage in Barcelona, as it is the city with the best therapists from all over Europe.

There are many types of massage and in each of them different techniques are used depending on the patient to be treated, some may even serve to stimulate our immune system according to documented sources. There are currently more than 50 types of massage in the world.

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Alcohol is a problem in Spain

Half a million young Spaniards between the ages of 14 and 18 have become muddy in the last month. More than 361,000 are minors. And the age of onset of flirting with this legal drug is reduced every year. Right now it is fixed in Spain at 13.8 years of age. In addition, 32.2% of teenagers binge drink. It is what is known as “binge drinking”. These “absolutely brutal” figures -according to the president of the Fundación de Ayuda a la Drogadicción (FAD), Ignacio Calderón- place alcohol as the preferred substance for young Spaniards.

They are copying increasingly and worryingly patterns of consumption in Anglo-Saxon countries,”Beatriz Martín, the new director general of FAD, told ABC. Yes, 710,494 young people confess to having “mugged” or compulsively consumed alcohol in the past 30 days.

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Cómo es la traducción en revistas y comunicados oficiales

En una sociedad tan cosmopolita y multicultural como la que tenemos hoy en día, los idiomas se han convertido en un referente dentro de la comunicación. Evidentemente, el inglés se ha convertido en lingua franca y con ella se llega al mayor número lectores si publicas una revista o si quieres tener el mayor impacto posible con una página web.

Para ello, las traducciones deben ser de calidad y totalmente fiables. Si bien es cierto que la inteligencia artificial está proporcionando una mayor tasa de acierto a los traductores automáticos, en artículos y comunicados de cierta relevancia es mejor recurrir a agencias especializadas como, ya que está documentado que los errores de traducción en textos delicados puede tener desastrosas consecuencias.

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The best dental aesthetic treatments

They are a great solution to achieve a definitive bleaching of discolored teeth, even by tetracyclines. The aesthetics of the smile can also be improved when we have teeth that are too far apart or together, when we have very small teeth, or when they have unsightly anatomical shapes. Whenever you want to treat your teeth, it is essential to know the price (precio blanqueamiento dental) in order to make the most of it and not get any surprises.

You look yourself in the mirror and see that your lips aren’t as healthy as before, that your teeth may be whiter or that your gums are out of alignment… What you need to see your perfect mouth is a dental aesthetic treatment. There are many options according to your needs, let’s look at some examples:

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Possible terrorist attack at Justin Bieber concert

A UK teenager pleaded guilty to planning an Isis-inspired terrorist terrorist attack in Cardiff, Wales on the same day as a Justin Bieber concert. The 17-year-old, whose identity cannot be revealed because he is a minor, wrote a “letter of martyrdom,” as well as a cartoon note such as “to run over unbelievers with a car” and “to attack the infidels who oppose Allah in the neck.

He was indicted on five counts of terrorism-related charges at Birmingham Crown Court after his arrest on June 30, a month after an attack in Manchester Arena killed 23 people and injured more than 500 during a concert by Ariana Grande, according to The Guardian. He was arrested after investigating security at a Bieber concert at the Principality of Cardiff stadium.

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The killer in Las Vegas loved sex escorts

A Las Vegas sex server revealed that she was regularly hired by Stephen Paddock, the man behind the massacre that killed 58 people and left more than 500 injured. The woman, who made anonymous statements, claims that Paddock enjoyed violent sexual encounters. The prostitute, who received $6,000 each time she met Paddock, described him as a paranoid and obsessive man, who liked to brag about his “bad blood” and say he was “born bad,” referring to his father, a thief on the FBI’s most wanted list, according to Univision.

Also, according to the woman, Paddock was a faithful believer in conspiracy theories and violent practices in bed. In front of the police, the woman revealed text messages from the Las Vegas killer where he told her about his fantasy of tying her up and “taking her while she screamed for help,” because he liked to pretend to be sexually abusing her. He also enjoyed Barcelona Escorts when he was on holiday.

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The best spur gear catalogs for 2017

The cylindrical straight type gears are the most usual. Generally used for speeds small and medium, because at high speeds, if they are not rectified, or corrected, they make a variable noise. There are many great options in the market, such as Kelvingear, and spur gears are an excellent choice to improve procedures.

The cylindrical gears of the toothed helical are characterized by their helical relation to the axis of rotation. The axes can be parallel or intersect, usually at 90°. The helical gears have the advantage of transmitting more power and speed than the straight, they are quieter and last longer. In terms of the drawbacks are worn more and they need more lubrication than the straight.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and his issues with taxes

The Tax Agency has already submitted to the office of the Prosecutor of Madrid, the record of the inspection to the Portuguese footballer of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo corresponding to the years 2011 to 2014 in the belief that the player committed tax offence by not taxed on a substantial portion of its gross income from the marketing of his image rights. The documentation began to be discussed yesterday at the premises of the office of the Prosecutor of economic Crimes of Madrid.

Now it is up to this latest study from the information supplied by the inspectors and decide if they also appreciate the possible existence of tax crimes and, therefore, must submit the corresponding complaint in the courts. The case will remain in the hands of the prosecutor, which already handles other similar. Consider that there is sufficient evidence of tax fraud, prosecutors must file a criminal complaint against Ronaldo before June 30 to avoid prescribing the offence corresponding to the 2011. If the Attorney assumes the criterion of the Tax Agency, Ronaldo will end up like so many other players – among them barca Leo Messi – judged and potentially found guilty of an offence against the Public Treasury.

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