They are a great solution to achieve a definitive bleaching of discolored teeth, even by tetracyclines. The aesthetics of the smile can also be improved when we have teeth that are too far apart or together, when we have very small teeth, or when they have unsightly anatomical shapes. Whenever you want to treat your teeth, it is essential to know the price (precio blanqueamiento dental) in order to make the most of it and not get any surprises.

You look yourself in the mirror and see that your lips aren’t as healthy as before, that your teeth may be whiter or that your gums are out of alignment… What you need to see your perfect mouth is a dental aesthetic treatment. There are many options according to your needs, let’s look at some examples:

Dental aesthetic treatments

  • Tooth whitening: You will obtain bright white teeth thanks to the treatment with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide activated by light (cold light, plasma, laser…).

  • Dental veneers: A perfect smile is easier to get than you imagine. Dental veneers are a widely used option in dental aesthetics. At Dentinova we have perfected this technique so that you can return to your normal life practically from the first minute.

  • Invisible Orthodontics: Invisible orthodontic work, also called Invisalign, is a very good way to get the teeth aligned correctly while the brackets are completely concealed.

  • Lip Treatment: Your teeth may be healthy but your lips have lost youth, vitality… Your choice is hyaluronic acid. This aesthetic treatment helps to redefine the cupid’s arch and filtrum area, creating a more symmetrical volume and reducing wrinkles at the corners of the lips.

Gum Treatment

To achieve a perfect, beautiful and natural smile we should not forget the gums. In fact, gum care is probably the most important, because if cosmetic treatments are performed on teeth and lips but no attention is paid to the gums, the final result will be strongly conditioned. Now that you know more about cosmetic dentistry treatments, do you know which one is best for you? If you’ve been wanting more information about these or other cosmetic dentistry treatments, you’ll find an endless number of options to have a perfect smile and mouth.

What is the process?

After an initial study of our team, a photographic study and study models are carried out. With them we carry out a mock up (diagnostic wax-up), from which we obtain resin veneers, similar to the definitive ones and which allow the patient to verify the effect that the definitive veneers will have on his smile. After deciding on the treatment plan, a new impression is taken from the mouth and sent to the prosthetic laboratory, which is currently working for the European clinics from Italy and Liechtenstein.

In the second appointment, already with the veneers in our Center, we proceed to the definitive placement of veneers with resin cements specific to the brand. All treatment is done in 2 visits and without anesthesia. It’s never been so easy before.